Every Morning

Rise above – rainy day honey – evening prayer can’t take my eyes off of you – the girl with far away eyes when I get free – with every beat of my heart crawling

I don’t have the mentality for this – Kashmir enough of no love – that’s the way Law of love Come – unaware a thousand beautiful things – lost for words what’s gonna happen to us – mea culpa my heart – Ophelia

Game of Thrones

Taos is so evil I’m vomiting Indians 😳🤕🥴🤮😔

Why don’t u and I out touch – sleeps with angels holding u down – roam Atlantis most of the time sweet child o mine I will not forget u like the sea a hard rain is gonna fall love of my life down for u do u remember

I need to stop this

Black and white everything’s going to be alright I don’t know why love get up get out falling – the cross of changes she will sweet baby there goes my baby – livin it up grave digger – if I were a boy expecting to fly – separate lives beauty in the world paths of glory silence falling in love pretty paper

Angel song of the wolf into the fire waiting on the world to fall – angel f the morning Empire State of mind – fallin crash into me the way Be Careful in Gods country swallow –

Happy dreams for plans – turning of the tide have u ever stress a face to call home – heavens gate the greatest love of all – sweet pea u are my sunshine sorry pretty

your twisted yrself I need u to stop this drama trauma

Messages to love God bless the child for u ski mask way – wide open spaces Daddy effigy if not now when can u hear me God gave me style – always home life – baby we found love – I got a woman it won’t stop broken wings forever

I just can’t type this vibration

The Goddess

love and affection – Law of love come I do – as I am how do I breathe – windsurfer don’t cross the river – all of my love the warmth – let’s stay together sounds of nature – honey love never going back again orchid potion Help Myself – put a little love in your heart City of the Ancients

the lands beyond find my baby return to Pooh corner forgiveness – shelter from the storm seduction by your side when doves cry

long way down the heart of life –

gonna Stop


full moon magic we are the world honor dream dances that’s amore – Cries from the Earth what u are talk to her set fire to the rain – circle of light I miss you Trust sweet surrender – his eye on the sparrow I still believe- Elevation resurrection – in Gods country while the trees sleep (Humans)

Sister golden hair sweet surrender – my dark hour the journey things with wings sympathy- How it feels to fly smooth – I am your man come back to me all at once return to me – blood of Eden candy girl – what a wonderful thing love is wind of my soul –

Peace on Earth Talk

Mother and calf whale roses theme – purple rain why I’m still in love with u rude – true love satellite rhythm of the heart fortunate – beloved wife to be free


guinnevere Buddhist – in the morning light motivation going wrong full Nelson

Last Battle

Love you sympathy dancing days are here again – it keeps u running fine again circle of light siren reason to believe the dumbing down of love unbreakable little wing – the rose Gods plan – lumumba fortress around your heart – I Shall believe keep on calling river dance there goes my baby every day –

and I love her buckets of rain – it wouldn’t have made any difference o surdatto nanm – strong enough dangerously in love fantasy unfaithful Tribal winds empty heart keep away a change is gonna come – the most wonderful girl constellations eyes wide open be careful

hold on mean woman old man daughter

in the end Maggie’s farm – free fallin ray of light solitude eyes of the heart snow on the Sahara I believe I can fly

On eagles wings send in the clowns – sad song change partners – round dance close your eyes – teardrop resurrection – crystal alignment out of the shadows

earth song dust to dust lullaby Apologize you’re beautiful when I get free lying in the hands of God a sky full of stars – when worlds collide autumn leaves –

The Sacred Tree mean woman blues come to me into dust – carry you home the gift of the Eagle – Trouble No More hold on- whatever happens she talks to Angels where the streets have no name the meadow – in the arms of an angel the Apache honoring

Working For The Man dream windmills of your mind sweet lady – the moon red sky candy girl

me and my baby ain’t no mountain high enough While the earth sleeps Anastasia – Mother gangsters paradise purify me hummingbird passing time I’m on fire –

Don’t Cry Chasing Pirates

Wtf 😔

Unbreakable time candy man silver lining

Lord u know

Lotta love – Look out for my love a venture angel too good – I’ve seen all good people promise – baby by me cheap day return – Sorry blame it on me natures path – tender surrender against all odds – Crying future memories – keep n calling I’ll take your breath away

Headlines Game of Thrones

My girl before the last leaf falls for u ooh oh times like these morning dew –

I will fight no more my heart

Jesus was in bed all day sick beaten

Wheel of becoming blue eyes blue celestial invitation it’s good to be in love by your side leaving tonight Sioux we used to know walking the shiny earth

For Christ sake I was beaten all day yesterday and can’t even feel good today that’s great

Honey lake by the ocean angel of Harlem baby I’m a want u look what you’ve done Breathe in the air unbreakable we found love Talk

I’m a very single girl

Candy man behind the waterfall – all I wanna do is have some fun the rose prism of life fight the power the moon red sky I heard it thru the grapevine

the rose losing my religion one love Yeha Noha everywhere crawling the lust ocean avenue blue for the love God Call an angel down this ones for me and you – the journey Health and Protection

Loving you morning prayer Hopi butterfly porcelain always song of the wolf good enough into the fire – rock u like a Hurricane the adventures of rain dance Maggie – under heavens skies Chasing Pirates

Land of promise in every life ancient Secrets here comes the rain again – she will be loved the difficult – u want me 2 royals

The Goddess

Love all over me

Shamans Call Talk me down the next dimension let’s stay together – End Ryder music gravity of love dream about me – paths of glory get up get out half on a baby beyond heaven – sometimes wordplay – here we go again one sweet world – a love supreme all along the watch tower – every day darkness darkness

I feel so sick to my guts I’m terrified the diseases that are being forced and beaten into me 😔

My sweet lady to be free

Heavens warrior in the name of the Father

Lost in paradise 3 is a magic number all along the watch rockin down the highway I got a woman what the Hell